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Heating fuel plans

Price Protection Plans

We are pleased to offer you a choice of three Price Protection Plans. These options will allow you to determine which plan fits your needs the best.

Our most popular and recommended plan is the Preferred Plan (no contract required). For oil customers, you have a price Cap so you pay no more than the Cap price, and you are not exposed to potentially escalating prices. You also get the benefit of downside protection, so if prices decline, your price does as well. The Cap program provides total peace of mind, so no matter what the market does, we have you covered.

A prebuy fixed contract allows you to fix the fuel cost per gallon for the plan year. With our budget plan, we'll help you estimate your annual consumption and set up a monthly budget plan that will not only make paying easier, but will actually save you money.

Thank you for keeping business local; we appreciate your loyalty!

If you are not interested in a Price Protection Plan, you can pay as product is delivered. Receive a 14 cent discount if paid within 10 days.

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