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Heating fuel plans

Pre-Buy Plan

Choose Maritime Energy's Pre-Buy Plan and your heating fuel oil or LP gas needs are handled for the entire heating season. Simple. We'll help you estimate your total projected fuel oil or LP gas consumption, then you purchase all of your projected fuel at one time at a fixed price, and we'll deliver it as you need it.  Pre-buy with Maritime Energy and...

  1. Your fuel is purchased at a fixed price for the number of gallons you purchase.
  2. Automatic Delivery: We'll anticipate your rate of consumption and schedule deliveries throughout the heating season.
  3. 5¢ per gallon gasoline discount at any of our Maritime Farms Convenience Stores throughout Mid-Coast Maine with our Maritime 24/7 card.
  4. Earn Interest: We pay 0.5% annual interest credited monthly on any credit balance.
  5. Additional gallon delivered in excess of your pre-buy will be billed to you at our cash price at time of delivery.

If you are not interested in a Price Protection Plan, you can pay as product is delivered. Receive a 14 cent discount if paid within 10 days.

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