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Safety is Our Top Priority

Workplace safety

At Maritime, safety is top priority! We strongly believe that All Accidents Are Avoidable. We have an extensive safety and training program in place for protecting our employees, customers, community and safeguarding our natural resources.

Maritime’s Safety Mission Policy


Maritime strives to fulfill our obligation to our employees and to establish sound safety practices designed to prevent accidents and injuries.


Safety is the top priority of Maritime. Nothing is more important than the lives and well being of our employees, our customers, and the general public.

Maritime believes that it is possible to work towards eliminating all accidents and injuries and will work diligently toward that goal.

Maritime is committed to:

  1. Providing a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. Raising the level of safety awareness among employees.
  3. Providing safety and job skills training.
  4. Insisting on safe operating practices.
  5. Handling all products in a safe manner.
  6. Providing safe consumer product deliveries and installations.

Employees should set their safety standards high:

  1. Be personally responsible for working in a safe manner.
  2. Operate equipment or a vehicle only if you are qualified and authorized.
  3. Operate all vehicles/equipment/machinery in a safe manner.
  4. Initiate the use of personal protective equipment as required by your job.
  5. Utilize safe lifting practices.
  6. Practice good housekeeping.
  7. Wear proper and sensible work clothing.
  8. Report any unsafe acts/conditions or incidents as required.
  9. Use common sense in safeguarding our customers, their property, Maritime's property, and your fellow employees.
  10. Be a positive part of the safety team. Your attitude can play a major role in the prevention of accidents and injuries!

Training classes are held frequently to keep employees educated on safety issues.

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