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Warm Words from Our Customers

I just have to tell you that I appreciate your attention to detail and quick response. You are always looking out for us even though we may not be a large account. Thanks for the great customer service. You make it easy to do business with Maritime Energy. Peter Horch - Horch Roofing Inc. - President
I want to compliment Maritime Energy on their technical aid. The technician was very patient and thorough and found that the upstairs thermostat problem was a very simple fix. Also, on New Years Day we had an issue with the thermostat wire in the main lobby of the Inn and we were afraid of the pipes freezing over the New Years holiday. Your technician was down here in 2 hours after I called, and repaired the wire and added a new thermostat. Great service on a cold holiday! Randy, Tenants Harbor
Being a customer, I called your 24-hour line on Saturday morning at 7:15 to report odd noises coming from the furnace, which then cut out for good. Seemingly, in no time at all, Chad, a maintenance guy, arrived, and by 8:45am, he’d replaced the fan motor and was on his way! Couldn’t ask for quicker service, and a very nice, competent service man! Pen Williamson, Warren
I have to make a comment about your service department. Thanksgiving day, we had our family for dinner. Early in the day, our two grandsons were playing in the cellar and one told me that they smelled something. I went down in the cellar and indeed there was a fuel oil smell. I started a floor fan and let run a couple hours. In the meanwhile, I looked for any leaks and found none. After a couple hours, the smell was still there and I became uneasy. I called your service department and the dispatcher said a repair guy would be there shortly. I really hated to have someone come out late on Thanksgiving, but the smell had me worried. Steve, your service guy, came quickly and looked at everything and found nothing. The only thing we could figure was a pre-ignition. Once the flame went out some fuel oil would keep pumping into the burner. Steve was very gracious and understanding with me. He represented your company as a true professional. And, your dispatcher followed up on his call about an hour later, just to make sure I was satisfied. A nice touch! I’ve been with Maritime for over 20 years and I believe this is my third time for a service call. A good record for the service team. Just thought you would like to know how professional your service department is. John McKay, Hope
We just wanted to thank all the great people involved in handling the phones and the service department for the professionalism, and polite manner in which our recent bout with with our oil burner was handled. You responded to our calls in a timely fashion. It is comforting to know that in the depth of winter we have an oil company that we can rely on to keep the heat on. Bob and Claire Yackel, Waldoboro
As you are well aware, my new System 2000 has been installed and seems to be working well. So far we have been pleased with the performance, and no “bugs” have appeared. I write to commend the young men who came to our home to install this system, the group headed by Ron Linscott. Often, only adverse criticisms are noted when jobs like this are done, but I think when a job has been well done by a group of professionals, credit should be given. The crew was polite and courteous, respectful of our home, and worked efficiently. Ron, your lead service technician, answered our questions effectively, and offered suggestions that will be helpful. Thank you for your efforts that helped to make this a pleasant experience. We look forward to a continued WARM relationship with Maritime Energy! Ed Darby, St. George
Just a note to let you know the System 2000 is going great. Want to thank you and Ray for the great job of installation. Everything has been performed with zero problems (that’s as good as it gets!) Hope I can solder as well as Ray some day! His workmanship was great to see and no doubt is a contribution to no problems! Thanks again—it has been a pleasure doing business with you and Maritime. Charlie Horton, Owls Head
I have been a customer of Maritime Energy for many years, with fuel oil and propane service for our home and my wife’s studio here in South Union. We purchased a System 2000 furnace in 2003 and have been very pleased with its performance. I’m compelled to write because we did require a service call today to correct a minor problem with hot water supply. As always, my call was handled promptly and a service technician responded quickly to deal with the fault, I realized today that every single contact I’ve ever had with any of your employees has been pleasant and satisfactory. Everyone I’ve spoken with or met from Maritime Energy has been friendly, responsive, and professional and I’ve always been treated with respect and courtesy. As a business owner myself, I appreciate this consistent level of service and I know that it represents a company philosophy that begins at the top office. Thank you, John, for providing such excellent service to our community! All of your staff, including the telephone receptionists, delivery drivers, service technicians, and installers deserve the highest commendations. John Shepard

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