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Celebrating 80 Years of Local Family Ownership

Maritime Energy’s 80th Anniversary

1939 was a remarkable year. We first met Frank Sinatra, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, Rhett Butler, and Batman. Ted Williams hit his first home run, and the Boston Bruins beat the Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup.

In 1939, you could buy a new car for about $700, and fill it up with gasoline for about 10¢ per gallon. A loaf of bread cost 8¢. Oddly, a toaster was an outrageous $16.

Yes, 1939 was a remarkable year. It was the year Maritime Energy began serving the folks of this area with dependable fuel products and a commitment to outstanding service. What started as a local family-owned business then, remains a local family business today, now in its third generation. Through the years, sports idols, movie stars, and super heroes have changed. One thing that has not changed is Maritime Energy’s dedication to its community.