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Switch to Propane

Clean, efficient propane.

Heating with propane furnaces, boilers, and space heaters can improve the efficiency, performance and comfort of homes and buildings.

Propane provides more versatility, affordability, and comfort than any other heating choice — it's that simple. Propane heating systems can be configured as central or zone, forced air or radiant. Best of all, propane systems can help buildings and homeowner slash energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions — up to 68 percent, in fact. Here are a few considerations for your project.

Propane Furnaces. Propane furnaces offer great flexibility in both the type and capacity of the equipment, which makes them a good fit for many different types of homes and buildings. High efficiency propane furnaces — generally those with efficiency levels above 90 percent AFUE — capture additional heat from the combustion gasses and use this to increase the heat transfer of the furnace for greater efficiency. Many high efficiency propane furnaces are two-stage or variable speed units, so the furnace heats the home or building steadily and comfortably. And the heated air leaving the furnace is significantly warmer than temperatures offered by electric heat pumps..

Propane Boilers. Propane boilers can serve a home or building’s space heating and hot water needs with high efficiency levels, reliable systems, and versatile designs. They can be categorized as either condensing or non-condensing types, with condensing units having higher efficiency ratings. In space heating applications, these boilers can work in conjunction with a number of heating delivery systems, including hydronic baseboard systems, in-floor hydronic systems, or even forced-air systems where the hot water from the boiler (instead of a furnace) acts as the heat source.


We’ll make switching easy.

Just give us a call. We’ll schedule a visit to your home to inspect and evaluate your current system and needs. Our review can include heating system, fuel tank, chimney, hot water and other aspects of your home energy requirements. We will then present you with options for either updating your current equipment or installing new, modern efficient equipment.

We’ll help you decide if converting to propane will save you money, both now and long-term. We’ll help find rebates and tax credits that support conversion to clean energy.

If you decide converting to clean burning propane is right for you, we’ll make recommendations and help you choose the equipment and system that fits your home, lifestyle and budget. We’ll then take care of the removal of outdated equipment, installation of new, efficient equipment and fuel storage. We’ll be sure every aspect of the conversion is taken care of. We can even help with financing, fuel plans and scheduled maintenance.

It all starts with just one call. Call us today.

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Expert Installation

You can always trust the Maritime Energy team for expert installation of all HVAC equipment. Our trained, certified installers will have your equipment operating at peak performance… guaranteed. For more information, please feel free to call or stop by your local fuel office. We’ll be happy to help.