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Safety Mission Statement


Maritime strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees and to establish safe practices designed to prevent accidents and injuries. Maritime managers and supervisors and leadership are tasked with making all workplaces and vehicles safe at all times.


Workplace safety

“WORK SAFE” is the focus of all Maritime employees. At Maritime our most valuable resources are our staff and the customers we serve and the community we live and work in. Maritime has a comprehensive safety program in place company wide. Employee involvement at all levels of the company is critical for Maritime to work towards the goal of reducing risks and to strive for zero accidents.

To accomplish our safety goals, all members of management are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy, and insuring it is followed at all times.

Maritime pledges to do the following:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Conduct routine safety and health inspections.
  • Investigate accidents to determine the cause and to prevent similar accidents.
  • Raise the level of safety awareness among employees and insist on safe operating practices.
  • Provide safety and job skills training and instruction on handling all products in a safe manner.
  • Provide employees with required personal protective equipment and training on their use.
  • Provide safe consumer product deliveries and installations.

The employee’s responsibility is to follow the rules of safety as established for their protection and the protection of others. All employees will follow the policy by:

  • Read, understand and comply with workplace safety policies, safe work practices and procedures.
  • Report any incidents, near misses, injuries or illnesses.
  • Use the proper tools and equipment for the job.
  • Operate company vehicle or equipment only if you are qualified and authorized.
  • Operate all vehicles, equipment, and machinery in a safe manner.
  • 100% compliance in the use of personal protective equipment as required by your job.
  • Utilize safe lifting practices.
  • Practice good housekeeping and maintain a safe work environment.
  • Wear proper and sensible work clothing.
  • Be a positive and proactive part of the safety team.

Remember your help can play a major role in the prevention of accidents and injuries for you and your co-workers!