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Save on Heating Fuel with these Energy Saving Tips

energy saving tips

Energy conservation is the best way to lower home heating costs! You can save hundreds of dollars through energy conservation alone. Call us today to learn more!

  1. Save an estimated 5% with an annual tune-up. By keeping your system running cleanly and efficiently this can cut fuel consumption by 5% or more.
  2. Save 5% or more with a programmable thermostat.
  3. Save 5% by insulating your heating pipes. Inexpensive insulation on heating pipes or ductwork increases efficiency and lowers cost.
  4. Save up to 15% with Energy Star replacement windows. If you have older windows, new high efficiency windows can save you a bundle.
  5. Save as much as 30% with improved home insulation. An energy audit of your home could show you where better insulation could help.
  6. Save up to 40% by replacing an outdated heating system with an efficient System 2000 boiler.
  7. Have your system checked once a year for efficiency.
  8. Check around windows and doors for air leaks. Weatherstrip and caulk exterior gaps.
  9. Use electric box insulators.
  10. Clean furnace filters.
  11. Keep temperature fairly level during the day, then lower it at night. Make sure any baseboard heaters, ducts, or registers are not blocked by furniture or rugs.
  12. Close off unused rooms and block their registers - turn off the thermostats in those areas.
  13. Kitchen, bath, and vent fans can empty a house of warm air in an hour. Remember to shut them off after use.
  14. Aerators in faucets and low-flow shower heads can be installed to save energy.
  15. Did you know one drip per second cost $1 a month?
  16. Install a heat trap above heater to prevent hot water from siphoning into cool pipes.
  17. Drain a quart of water every 3 months. The sediment in the bottom of the tank lowers efficiency.
  18. Reset your water heater to 120°. Electric water heaters sometimes have a top and bottom heating elements. Remember to reset both.
  19. If possible, position your washing machine close to the hot water heater. Short runs of piping are more efficient than long ones.